Special issue of Synthese on "Humeanisms" edited by Tamás Demeter, László Kocsis, Iulian D. Toader

Special issue of Synthese on "Humeanisms", edited by Tamás Demeter, László Kocsis, Iulian D. Toader, has been published.

link: https://link.springer.com/journal/11229/topicalCollection/AC_9d20e4ed06f82f31ddb2d12a31efe433

Contributions include:

1. László Kocsis, Tamás Demeter & Iulian D. Toader: Varieties of Humeanism: an introduction

2. Stefanie Rocknak: Regularity and certainty in Hume’s treatise: a Humean response to Husserl

3. Rachel Cohon: Hume’s practice theory of promises and its dissimilar descendants

4. Vera Matarese: Super-Humeanism and physics: A merry relationship?

5. Miren Boehm: Hume’s “projectivism” explained

6. Aaron Segal: Humeanisms: metaphysical and epistemological

7. Barry Loewer: The package deal account of laws and properties (PDA)

8. Elizabeth S. Radcliffe: A Humean explanation of acting on normative reasons

9. Daniel Dohrn: A Humean modal epistemology

10. Barbara Vetter: Explanatory dispositionalism

11. Dan O’Brien: Humeanism and the epistemology of testimony

12. Tudor M. Baetu: How interventionist accounts of causation work in experimental practice and why there is no need to worry about supervenience 

13. Tamás Demeter: Fodor’s guide to the Humean mind

14. Michael Esfeld: Super-Humeanism and free will

15. David Mark Kovacs: The oldest solution to the circularity problem for Humeanism about the laws of nature

16. Sean Morris: Carnap, Quine, and the Humean condition