Special issue of Metaphilosophy on Metatheories of Disagreement

The latest special issue of Metaphilosophy on "Metatheories of Disagreement", edited by Ákos Gyarmathy and Péter Hartl, has been published.

Contributions include:

1. Péter Hartl, Ákos Gyarmathy: Metatheories of disagreement: Introduction
2. Delia Belleri: Ontological disagreements, reliability, and standoffs: The pluralist option
3. László Bernáth, János Tőzsér: The biased nature of philosophical beliefs in the light of peer disagreement
4. Chris Ranalli: Moral hinges and steadfastness
5. Annalisa Coliva, Michele Palmira: Disagreement unhinged, constitutivism style
6. Victoria Lavorerio: The fundamental model of deep disagreements
7. Crispin Wright: Alethic pluralism, deflationism, and faultless disagreement
8. Teresa Marques: Illocutionary force and attitude mode in normative disputes
9. Marius Baumann: No fact of the matter: The case of dirty hands
10. Rogelio Miranda Vilchis: More than merely verbal disputes
11. Yonatan Shemmer, Graham Bex-Priestley: Disagreement without belief