Peter Millican, Hertford College, Oxford (Recasting the Treatise)

Charles Wolfe, CEU IAS (Enlightenment Vitalism and Its Futures)

Iulian Toader, Salzburg/Bucharest (Humeanisms)

Eric Schliesser, Amsterdam (Use and Abuse of Mathematics)

Christian Damböck, Institute Vienna Circle, University of Vienna (The Ethico-Social Dimension of Knowledge)

Jordi Cat, Indiana University, Bloomington (New Perspectives on Otto Neurath)

Sebastian Lutz, Uppsala University (From Philosophy of Nature to Philosophy of Physics)

Matthias Neuber, Universität Tübingen (Ernest Nagel and the Making of Philosophy of Science a Profession)

George Reisch, University of Chicago (Science, Facts and Values)

Douglas Allchin, University of Minnesota (Argumentation & Science Education)

Harry Collins, Cardiff University (Seeshop conference-series)

Eric Kennedy, York University (Seeshop conference-series)

Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) Insitute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst (Modeling Conceptual Knowledge and Conceptual Change Study Group)

University of Pécs (60 Years of an Idea)

University of Pécs (Consequences of the Ontological Turn)