The Socio-Ethical Dimension of Knowledge

The MTA BTK Lendület Morals and Science Research Group
and the Institute Vienna Circle

cordially invites you to the conference on

Date of the event: 12th-13th December, 2017.
Venue of the event: 4. Tóth Kálmán st. 1014 Budapest, Hungary ("Trapese" room)
2017. 12. 12.
12:00-13:00: Christian Damböck: The transformations of Carnap's anti-metaphysical agenda
13:00-14:00: Fons Dewulf:  Leaving ethics behind: Carnap, Apostel and the Ghent Moral Science Program
14:00-15:00: Lunch
15:00-16:00: Hans-Joachim Dahms: Alternative facts, fake news, pseudo-science. Some lessons from the history of logical empiricism for today's situation
16:00-17:00: Daniel Kuby: On the benefits of the Cold War: the case of the Third Vienna Circle
17:00-17:30: Coffee break
17:30-18:30: George Reisch: Logical empiricism and postwar politics in the U. S.
2017. 12. 13.
10:00-11:00: Ádám Tamás Tuboly: Logical empiricism less logical: Schlick and von Mises on the new positivism
11:00-12:00: Gergely Ambrus: Schlick on the meaning of "good"
12:00-13:30: Lunch
13:30-14:30: Günther Sandner: Edgar Zilsel and Otto Neurath on the Cult of Genius
14:30-15:30: Flavia Padovani: Reichenbach on the importance of communities: From cultural development to social responsibility
15:30-16:00: Coffee break
16:00-17:00: Alan Richardson: The social function of scientific philosophy
Organizers: Ádám Tamás Tuboly & Christian Damböck
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