Special Issue of Synthese: "The Value of Truth"

Call for Papers for a Synthese special issue on

The Value of Truth

Deadline for submissions: the 30th of April 2019

Guest Editors
Luca Moretti (Aberdeen and MCMP),
Peter Hartl (Hungarian Academy of Sciences),
Akos Gyarmathy (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Special Issue Description
The volume aims to investigate the epistemic, practical and social value of truth.

The problem of the value of truth comprises at least two basic questions:
(1) is truth the sole or fundamental epistemic value?
(2) Is the value of truth exclusively or fundamentally epistemic?

Veritism answers (1) affirmatively. Answering (1) negatively implies acknowledging that other values –– such as understanding or alternative intellectual virtues –– are (also) epistemically fundamental. Addressing question (1) implies investigating the relation existing between truth and other epistemic values.
Answering question (2) leads to the issue of the possible instrumental value of truth. Giving (2) a negative response implies conceding that truth has also non-epistemic values, such as social, practical or moral.
All these questions about the value of truth are interwoven with the general theme of instrumental values versus non-instrumental values, as well as the problem of describing the complex relations between epistemic and practical rationality. All these issues are investigated by diverse disciplines and philosophical streams, including, general epistemology, social epistemology, pragmatism, ethics and decision theory.
The contributions to this special issue are meant to advance the debate on these topics.

The special issue is meant to include, among other contributions, papers presented the conference The Value of Truth, which took place on the 22nd-23rd of November 2018 at the Institute of Philosophy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. The conference and also this Synthese special issue are financially supported by the MTA - BTK - Lendület Morals and Science Research Group.

Contributions must be original and not under review elsewhere. Each submission should include a separate title page containing the contact details for the author(s), an abstract and list of keywords. All papers will be subject to double-anonymous peer-review.

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